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The meaning behind my tattoo.

It has to do with the first poem that I ever wrote, called “Paint a Heart and Call It Home.”
Ever since I had to move from my hometown several years ago, I have had a difficult time figuring where my home is. I was forced to leave all my closest friends behind and I gave my heart to a girl, Anna, that I trusted to take care of it. Because I left my heart behind, I never felt home unless I was with Anna. As many people know, she let me down, and no longer has my heart. So my tattoo serves as a reminder that I have possession of my own heart again, and that I don’t have to leave it behind anymore because the next time it goes with someone, I’m going with it.

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"This is for anyone who isn’t in possession of their heart.
For the people who will do it all,
Even watch their love get torn apart.
Just for that one chance, no matter how small.
For the ones who find more joy
In making others happy.
Who don’t see their lives as a toy,
But as a love story, no matter how sappy.
For the hearts that see the worth
In the hope that is often forgotten.
The effort that they put forth,
Just to prove that no one is rotten.
For the souls that willingly endure
The scars that mistakes leave behind.
Waiting, just to be sure,
That their lives are eternally intertwined.
This is for the boys who aren’t all a jerk,
And the girls that don’t all lie.
Because even though things don’t always work,
It really doesn’t hurt to try."
— The Exceptions by Westina52