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I have an interview

At Subway today at 12:30. Wish me luck!

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I’m the emotional fluffer of a lot of people. Why am I just now realizing this?

My parents are tired of seeing me come in and then leave on them all the time. What am I supposed to do though? Not want to hang out with my friends much as possible? I’m working all the time already. I get my first day off of school AND work for the first time since this past summer practically.

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Going to be doing more push ups and sit ups. I need to work on getting fit again.

I want to find someone who lives in the same place as me.

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I’d text someone I loved while I was drunk, but sadly, there is no one that I love anymore. And this breaks my heart in a different way than before, because now it’s just me with the broken heart. 

Whenever I get in trouble with my parents, it’s never a cut and dry punishment. Instead, they proceed to forcibly question me until they delve into my most personal issues. I don’t like who I am, so please stop making me admit it to you.

I want a friend with benefits. Not so much sexually, but more like we both try to hang out one-on-one and in groups a lot because we mutually agree to be best friends to each other.

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Is it really too much to ask for the bold truth sometimes? Stop pussyfooting around and go tell someone the bold truth, because believe it or not, they just might be waiting on it.

Aaaaaannnd I’m up alone again. I love hanging with my friends, but I don’t see how I’m always the one who ends up staying up alone. I don’t try to. I just look around and suddenly everyone has fallen asleep.

I’m trying to actually care for myself, and I’m actually getting better at it.

Sometimes I get irrationally annoyed and pissed off because my friends have never paid directly for when I took the blunt end of the deal when we got caught. I’m rightfully owed at least a couple hundred by all fairness, but I’ll never get it.